2021 ACLS Update & Asian Resuscitation Guidelines Conference
   Date: Dec. 17, 2021
   Venue: Chang Yung-Fa Foundation International Convention Center (Room 602), Taipei, Taiwan
   Virtual and Face-to-face meeting
     ACLS guidelines used to be renewed and updated every five years. With the growing body of clinical evidence and rapid accumulation of study results, regular review and update in a shorter term are mandated. After the publication of ACLS guidelines 2020, there has been a number of new studies published. Some important topics have the latest updated review as well. In this conference, the newest evidence of the resuscitation science, acute coronary syndrome and first aid will be updated. Meanwhile, the Asian perspective and consensus on ACLS will also be discussed. Most importantly, in this era of COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges to resuscitation and advanced care, as well as the countermeasures and recommendations, are of great interest and will be reviewed and introduced.
 09:00-09:10 Opening Dorji Harnod  
 Moderator Tzong-Luen Wang
 09:10-10:30 RCA 2021 update: Basic Life Support guideline Sung Phil Chung (09:10-09:50)
Pediatric Life Support 2021 – An Update Kee Chong Ng (09:50-10:30)
 10:30-10:50 Intermission      
 Moderator Yueh-Ping Liu
 10:50-12:10 Advanced Life Support 2021 Update Tzong-Luen Wang (10:50-11:30)
Update status and future collaboration of RCA NLS task force Han Suk Kim (11:30-12:10)
 12:10-13:30 LUNCH       
 Moderator Wei-Tien Chang
 13:30-15:30 RCA-ACS guidelines 2021 Update Hiroshi Nonogi (13:30-14:10)
TTM Update in JRC GLs 2020 Mayuki Aibiki (14:10-14:50)
Education, Implementation and Team 2021 Update Ming-Ju Hsieh (14:50-15:30)
 15:30-15:50 Intermission      
 Moderator Ming-Ju Hsieh
 15:50-17:10 First Aid 2021 Update Tetsuya Sakamoto (15:50-16:30)
RCA guidelines: Resuscitation in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemics Kyoung-Chul Cha (16:30-17:10)
 17:10 Closing Wai-Mau Choi